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Getting an Offer

So far, so good. You put together a killer cover letter and resume, aced the interview and now they’ve offered you the job. With it being such a tough economy and tight job market, you jump at the first offer they give you, right? Wrong. Unless you need this job to financially survive another day, you might want to stop and evaluate the good and the bad of the offer.

The Perfect Fit?

Time to sit back and look at the job as a whole and ask yourself these questions:

Adding it Up

Perks and benefits aren’t the only thing to consider when seeing how a job offer measures up. Here are a few more questions to answer before saying yes:

Give each perk or benefit a dollar value and add that to your proposed salary. Weigh that amount against what all those items would cost you on your own. The numbers you end up with will give you a real-world view of the job offer and help you in your decision.

The Bottom Line

After you’ve taken a good hard look at the financial and intangible aspects of the job, you should have a clearer idea if this is close enough to your dream job to accept the offer, renegotiate the terms or start fishing again for the next opportunity.